As a supplier of big-name automotive customers, we stay in line with the ever more demanding requirements in the automotive industry by continuously investing in our machine fleet, seamless quality management and continued qualifications for our employees. Cost-effective production with zero tolerance for flaws are the prerequisites for staying successful on the market.

Our pursuit of perfection is aimed at unconditional satisfaction. VIRO produces hot-pressed parts which live up to the strictest criteria.

More safety, more convenience, more performance, more benefits. The maxims of the auto industry also hold true for VIRO. Hot-pressed aluminium parts boast impressively light weight and high strength.

VIRO’s hot-pressed parts have proven themselves as components with the highest performance potential: highly pressure-resistant and flexible in terms of surface finish.

Hot-press technology is predestined to set the pace for progress. We keep aluminium, brass and cooper in many different alloys on hand for you in our material warehouse.

VIRO’s hot-pressed parts show their strengths in the automotive industry through their low weight and enormous resistance to pressure.

Viro forged parts meet the highest standards with exceptionally strict requirements for pressure tightness and have proven themselves worldwide.