The energy of an idea proves itself under the pressure of reality. Understanding the literally elemental properties of an element is a prerequisite for producing perfect parts. The drop forgings Viro makes meet the most stringent requirements for strength and safety.

Our designers contemplate possible solutions together with you and qualify themselves from the very outset by identifying problems quickly and implementing projects with great speed.

CAD/CAM systems enable us to transfer data compiled during the design phase directly into CAM programs. Our in-house tool construction ensures speed and flexibility. From forging tools to milling machines for cutting, VIRO builds everything under one roof.

We have already been using processes like HSC milling for years and keep die sinking equipment on hand for highly intricate mould contours.

For parts weighing anywhere from as little few grams to as much as 12 kg, we use forging systems with 200 to 1,600 tons of pressing force. Horizontal, vertical and fixed pressing methods are used to create an exceptionally wide variety of complex moulded parts.

Our automated systems enable us to cost-effectively produce hot-pressed parts in anything from small series to several million parts a year.

Cutting-edge, special-purpose CNC rotary transfer machines tailor-made for our specifications and your requirements, as well as machining and turning centres handle the mechanical processing of the workpieces. We use multi-spindle machines for complex housing shapes in great quantities.

Multiple 3D coordinate measuring machines monitor the ongoing production in target/actual performance comparison in a predefined cycle. Our quality management department uses CAQ software to monitor production.

We use state-of-the-art industrial endoscopes to control quality inside of parts, especially for intersecting drill-holes. Sophisticated light optical microscopes are used for quality assurance.