Measurement and control technology

Hot-press technology has proven to be a more advanced production method than casting and injection moulding in many respects. High material homogeneity, low weight and enormous pressure resistance rank among the outstanding properties of VIRO hot-pressed parts.

The goal of this pursuant for VIRO is customer satisfaction. Far-sightedness in planning, flexibility in production and strictness in quality control guarantee that hot-pressed parts from VIRO meet the highest standards.

This also includes the use of recyclable materials. VIRO hot-pressed parts made of brass, copper and aluminium alloys boast an equally impressive balance of ecology and economy.

The use of extrusion moulding material gives hot-pressed parts the decisive advantage of compressing the microstructure once more time, which generally eliminates the cavities which can form in cast parts.

An important feature of hot-pressed parts is the component-oriented grain structure. This gives the part higher static and dynamic strength.

The optimal material for every component.
For instance, dezincing resistant material is used for drinking water installations.