Mechanical engineering

Hot-press technology has proven to be superior to traditional casting methods in many ways. The possibilities of design know virtually no limits. VIRO hot-pressed parts set themselves apart through their flawless surfaces with highly homogenous material structures.

Coating technology

One result of VIRO’s pursuit of innovation is its unparalleled competence in hot-press technology. Even the most complex shapes are implemented with absolute perfection.


Satisfaction with attractive design depends on the functionality of the technology behind it. Especially in the sanitary sector. Fittings made with VIRO hot-pressed parts are sure to provide lasting satisfaction.


VIRO hot-pressed parts made of aluminium, brass and copper undergo extensive series of tests and prove themselves in long-term use.

Measurement and control technology

VIRO has the knowledge and technology it takes to produce the most complicated shapes with absolute dimensional accuracy.

Musical instruments

VIRO forged parts live up to the highest of standards in both look and feel. We offer a wide range of surface finishes.

On-board instruments

Our in-house tool construction is able to implement even the most complex of shape geometries.